About Us

MealEssence.com offers meal planning tools that are quick and easy to use while saving you time and money at the grocery!

Meal Essence offers MORE of what today's busy families are looking for to help organize their lives and bring real value to their families. It’s designed to make meal-planning fun with simple and uncomplicated online meal planning tools that include:

  • The best meal planner you’ll ever find, with
  • Plenty of tasty, easy recipes—even for your picky eater
  • An effortless shopping list, in store order, that is a real time and money saver
  • Nutrition information with each recipe for healthier choices

Even more value -

  • Sheri’s blog where she shares her unique insights
  • A place to share comments and ask questions
  • Tips and tricks for planning, shopping, cooking, and spending time around the table

Get ready to save time and money because more planning equals more savings


Ready - Set - Go!

Meal Essence tools are easy to use and quick as a click!


  • Ready - Click the recipes you want to use.
  • Set - Plug in the recipes to specific mealtimes in your meal planner.
  • Go - Click to create your customized shopping list from the recipes in your meal planner.




Meal Essence shopping lists are interactive!


Once your shopping list is complete, simply delete the grocery items already in your pantry. Items are listed by departments (dairy, meat, produce, etc), but to really save time, you can move listed items between departments and sort the departments to mimic the layout of the grocery store in just seconds. A special feature of the Meal Essence shopping list lets you add toiletries, laundry products—anything else you need—so you have everything on one easy, organized list.

Print and Go!

In no time, you’ll take pleasure in preparing delicious home-cooked meals sure to reconnect your family at the dinner table. —You may even notice your new efficiency extending to other areas in your life!