President’s Day fun and food ideas!

President’s Day may not be a family holiday at your house, but it should be!  We should celebrate holidays with our children to teach them about whatever the holiday may be and President’s Day is a perfect example.  A lively family discussion about the Presidents, past and present, will encourage your child to be engaged in our country and knowledgeable about our history.

I recommend starting off with a President’s Day Quiz.  They can easily been found on line and I have added a link for a very easy quiz to get you started!   You may choose a question or two depending how age appropriate this is for your kids.  Start a day or two ahead and get them thinking.  You may even want them to choose a menu for the celebration and have them do some presidential research!

When our children were young we went to the library and found a cookbook about the Presidents’ favorite foods and recipes.  We would choose a president and then find his favorite meals.  We learned that even though George Washington is said to have chopped down a cherry tree, he didn’t do it for the pie.  Martha baked cakes, not pies, and George preferred Ice Cream.  This is fun for kids of all ages.  They love to learn and where better to learn than your kitchen.

I was born on Dwight D. Eisenhower’s birthday, so I chose him this year.  As I was looking through various websites about President Eisenhower, I found that Pancakes were one of his favorite foods.  What an easy dinner in honor of our 34th President.  Your children will love having Pancakes for dinner.  Eisenhower was an unsung hero, Five Star General that led us to victory in World War II.

Pick another president if you like, there’s about 44 to choose from and so much to learn.  This doesn’t have to be hard, it can be lots of fun!

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