Groundhog’s Day Food for Thought

Groundhog’s Day is really a fun holiday to enjoy with your family.  It’s not a big event around the world and by 8am most of us have all but forgotten the importance of this day.

According to Wikipedia, the folklore goes like this, “if it is cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, it will leave the burrow, signifying that winter will soon end. If on the other hand, it is sunny, the groundhog will supposedly “see its shadow” and retreat back into its burrow, and winter will continue for six more weeks”.

So as tradition goes, we all gather around the TV early in the morning to see when spring will arrive.  There are many ways to share information with our children but visual hands on learning is best and cooking is a great hands on activity.  There is a website dedicated to the groundhog and you can visit it for more information and ideas.  Here’s a link to some Fun Facts about groundhogs that you will definitely want to read and share.

Watching the groundhog come out of his burrow on television is a beginning, but consider renting or purchasing the movie, Groundhog’s Day (a comedy, PG rated, starring Bill Murray, made in 1993).  This is definitely a fun way to “honor” the holiday and you may want to watch it the day before as a prelude to the holiday!

Food for Groundhog’s Day should consist of ground hog (get it?) – so we recommend sausage links for breakfast accompanied by “themed” pancakes.  The theme is, of course, groundhogs.  The great thing about pancakes for any occasion is that you can make them in the shape of whatever you choose the “theme” to be.  So for today, we should try groundhog-shaped pancakes.  At our house, even if the pancakes don’t look like your theme, they love the activity and enjoy the effort.

Our groundhog dinner recommendation is Pork Sausage Delectable; a wonderful rice/pasta, sausage casserole.  It requires simple chopping that older kids will enjoy and it’s a very easy to assemble kid-friendly meal.  Dessert is a must for any holiday gathering – so perhaps a Carrot Cake?- they are herbivores!

This may seem like a cheesy idea, but try it and you will see that your kids are going to enjoy it.  They will learn and understand Groundhog’s Day and whether this holiday is a priority to you or not, you will make a memory.

Memories last forever and the more you make now, the more you’ll share later!  Have a happy Groundhog’s Day!


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